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Zip. Zilch. Nada.  Manitowoc offers 0% financing on foodservice equipment
Restaurateurs are searching for new ways to meet today's increasing energy costs, deal with rising food prices and still be able to provide their customers trendy, yet profitable, menu choices. To help with today's challenges, Manitowoc offers a 0% financing program that provides operators with cost-effective solutions for purchasing the innovative and energy-efficient foodservice equipment they need. Learn more here...

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Manitowoc's 0% Financing is the only math you need to know
0% Interest + Economic Stimulus Package + In-state Rebates = Unprecedented Savings.
Combine Manitowoc's interest free financing with the government's economic stimulus package for small business and additional state rebates and you could be saving hundreds of dollars in the first year alone. If you are considering a foodservice equipment purchase, there couldn't be a
better time than right now.
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When is the best time to replace outdated foodservice equipment?
Your equipment gives warning signs that it has seen better days. Maybe its one too many service calls, maybe it's the duct tape holding the door shut,
or, maybe it just can't keep up during peak periods anymore.
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Frequently Asked Question on 0% Financing program
Is this really Zero Percent Financing?
Are there any hidden fees, charges or other expenses?

Yes, this is Zero Percent Financing for 24 months. To calculate your monthly payment, simply divide your full purchase price by 24.  You will make your first and last month's payment in advance.  You'll be notified of your full payment schedule, which will begin approximately 30-45 days after your purchase.
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