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Zip. Zilch. Nada.
Manitowoc offers 0% financing on foodservice equipment

Restaurateurs are searching for new ways to meet today's increasing energy costs, deal with rising food prices and still be able to provide their customers trendy, yet profitable, menu choices. To help with today's challenges, Manitowoc offers a 0% financing program that provides operators with cost-effective solutions for purchasing the innovative and energy-efficient foodservice equipment they need.
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Evaluating your draft beer system means a more profitable pour
There are two types of draft beer systems, one that makes money
and one that doesn't. Using Multiplex's Beermaster™ Long Draw Draught Beer Dispensing System for your long-draw draft needs puts you in the "money making" category.
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How much ice does your business really need?
In any business, ice needs are rarely uniform. For example in bars and restaurants, more ice is needed in the summer than in winter and more ice is needed on weekends as opposed to weekdays. Now you can realistically size your Manitowoc ice machine and storage bin to meet
your peak needs.
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green zone

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Manitowoc adds more energy-efficient ice machine models to CEE listings
The food service industry consists of the most energy-intensive commercial buildings, consuming approximately 250,000 Btu/sq. ft., roughly 2.5 times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings. Commercial refrigeration, including ice machines, is accountable for 19% of that energy use.
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McCall Refrigeration offers products that stand up to today's commercial kitchen challenges
McCall is committed to developing refrigeration products that can stand up to today's fast-paced commercial kitchen environments, provide the latest in technological advancement, and still meet stringent ENERGY STAR criteria for energy efficiency.
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Kolpak's new door alarm system alert monitors temperature and interior light system
Kolpak has added a new alarm system as a standard feature that will signal when the temperature inside the walk-in falls below or rises above the safe zone.  If temperatures move beyond the safe zone, a "high" or "low" temperature condition will be indicated by a visual alarm and a pulsing buzzer. The ability to monitor and control temperatures inside of the walk-in gives operators one less food safety concern. 
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new products

Two ice options... one beverage dispenser
Servend is the first to offer the industry's only option of crushed or cubed ice in one beverage dispensing unit. The new icepic™ system offers customers a true choice. With the push of a button, the all-in-one technology delivers the option of cube or crushed ice. When "crushed ice" is selected, the cube is crushed inside the machine prior to dispensing.
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RDI Refrigeration Systems 
Choosing the right refrigeration system to run your walk-in can be a challenge. Manitowoc Refrigeration offers energy-efficient RDI systems for just about any type of walk-in cooler or freezer application.
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Manitowoc Ice Machines Freeze Out the Competition
Not all ice machines are tough enough for hotel foodservice. Some don't
work well, and others are just too much work. Difficult cleaning and slow
ice production prompted Gary Novak, VP of engineering, and Chris Jones, HVAC manager at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Ledyard, Connecticut, to search out better equipment. After careful consideration they chose Manitowoc's S-Series ice machines.
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Tips to quickly narrow down ice machine problems
Ice machines may experience operational problems only during certain times of the day or night. A machine may function properly while it is being serviced, but malfunctions later. Information provided by the operator can help you get started in the right direction, and may be a determining factor in the final diagnosis.
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