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Manitowoc Ice Machines Earn the ENERGY STAR®
Manitowoc Ice and the ENERGY STAR® program share a common passion.
For Manitowoc Ice it’s the desire to provide energy efficient products to their customers and for ENERGY STAR, it’s promoting those energy efficient
products to their customers.
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Manitowoc Ice redesigns website with the “golden rule” in mind
In website development, the “golden rule” is to get your visitor the information they are looking for in just three clicks or less. Manitowoc Ice has completely redesigned their website with the “golden rule” in mind.
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The CEC qualifies over 175 Manitowoc ice machines
Dozens of energy efficient Manitowoc ice machines have been added to the CEC’s (California Energy Commission) list of approved commercial-grade ice machines, bringing the latest numbers to over 175 models; currently the largest number from any ice machine manufacturer.
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green zone


Manitowoc Foodservice Group takes another step closer to green.
The Manitowoc Foodservice Group recently announced the completion of an extensive study on the environmental impact of the industry’s current foaming agents and has concluded that an alternative, water based foam is the best choice for it’s global standards.
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Manitowoc Foodservice Group makes it easy to be energy efficient
Long before energy consumption and conservation of the environment became “hot topics”, Manitowoc Foodservice Group was quietly providing energy efficient and environmentally friendly foodservice equipment solutions – not because it was mandated, but because it represented good business practices for us as well as for our customers.
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Kolpak "Green Foam" eliminates CFCs in refrigeration insulation
Restaurateurs are implementing more environmentally friendly efforts to conserve energy and cut costs.  According to the National Restaurant Association, more than half of all operators and 76 percent of casual dining restaurants purchased resource-conserving "green" equipment in the past two years. 
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new products
Koolaire Visi-Kooler reach-ins –
economical, dependable, AND energy efficient

Manitowoc Refrigeration, a division of the Manitowoc Foodservice Group introduces a new line of glass door reach-in coolers from Koolaire designed
to readily display beverages and packaged goods.
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Koolaire VisiKooler

Manitowoc high-volume ice machines meet stringent CEE
and earn the coveted ENERGY STAR®   
Manitowoc Ice, Inc., the leading manufacturer of ice machines for the
commercial and noncommercial foodservice industry, introduces the new
S-Series 1870C air-cooled remote ice machine.
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Servend introduces new icepic feature
into 30” wide ice/beverage dispenser

Servend, a leading manufacturer of beverage dispensers for the foodservice industry introduces the new SV-200 Selectable Ice/Beverage dispenser that offers the industry’s only built-in ice crusher, providing selectable crushed or cubed types of ice from a single ice maker/ ice-beverage dispenser combination.
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2007KolpakBIC72 small Kolpak and Manitowoc Ice Win “Best in Class” Survey… Again!
When a foodservice consultant or dealer recommends a product to an operator, they place their reputation on the line.
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